Taking the stress out of your projects and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Everything we do is all about designing and making the perfect solutions for our customers.

We want to make things as easy and as straight forward for you, so we have spent 20 years working out the best way to go about creating your workplace. Whether you simply want to place a bulk order for office furniture or need us to tackle a total redesign, we know how to get the best results with minimal fuss.


Once we have a full understanding of what your project entails, we can help you build out your specification.

Our technical ability means we can provide market-lading solutions, no matter the project.

We welcome the workspace challenges that come with interior design and offer full-service support to all stakeholders throughout every project.

Product selection and layout design

We can work with you to find the perfect products to suit your needs and available space. Product selection will take you through the style of products, as well as the materials and finishes available, for which we can provide samples.

Our technical team can provide you with 3D CAD line drawings, as well as 2D layout designs based on the measurements you provide us with.

If your project requires products that we don’t provide – such as electrical goods or soft furnishings – we can also make things easier by sourcing these for you from third parties.

project managment
Project management

Throughout your entire project, you will be able to work with the right members of our team to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

For smaller projects, this will include internal project management, covering things like the arrangement of credit, drawing approval, product quality checks and more. Larger projects will have these areas covered as well, but we will also work with on-site contractors and manage on-site work.

If you require full project management, we can also offer this.

This process means that we can get the best results and highlight any potential issues at the earliest possible stage to keep your project on track. You will have the support needed throughout the project but also after everything is setup, as we offer 10-year guarantees on all of our wooden furniture and 5-year guarantees on all of our chairs. This means that you can let us know if you have any problems down the line and we’ll get them sorted.
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