The Office Refurbishment Trends of 2021

The way we work has changed more than ever over the past year and as businesses begin to welcome back staff, at Bluespot we know that companies will be re-thinking their office interiors. From needing to create new working spaces that comply with social distancing to simply removing excess clutter and maximising on storage, 2021 will be the year of office refurbishments.

Our thoughts on the office refurbishment trends of 2021:

Vibrant colours

After over a year of remote working, rejuvenating offices and meeting room spaces with bold colours to make workspaces more attractive will be a key trend. Pantone’s nominated colours of the year are an opposing Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (13-0647), a vivid yellow that can provide strong contrasts and brighten up any workspace. 

When you work with Bluespot, we can make your project requirements possible because we design and manufacture all of our furniture in-house. That means we can create the products you need down to the colour, legs and finish to meet your specifications.

Maximising space

Those who are returning to the office may find their desks further apart than normal to comply with social distancing measures, which means office interiors will need to focus on space-saving solutions to make room for new working setups. 

At Bluespot we support you with layout support and space-planning to make the most of every office, meeting room and breakout area and we supply a full range of office and kitchen furniture including storage solutions so you can create functional workspaces no matter the size.

Adaptive spaces

With flexible working between the office and home set to continue, businesses in 2021 will be looking to make the most of their meeting room spaces and provide modern solutions for mixed virtual and in-person sessions. 

Having spaces adapted for collaborative working no matter the location will be a key focus, and will mean the inclusion of interactive whiteboards as well as more computer and telephone systems for video conferencing.


Why choose Bluespot for your office refurbishment project?

We know that contractors are under pressure to meet their project timelines and stay within budget whilst getting furniture that is durable and will last for years to come.

We have 20 years of technical knowledge, experience and insight and we provide full-service support so we’ll work closely with you from start to finish. We offer a range of modular and bespoke office and kitchen furniture to create the perfect workspace with project management support to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

As a UK manufacturer, we have the flexibility and agility to make what you need and deliver it on time and to budget.

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